i was born in nijmegen, netherlands, to a circus clown and a graphic designer. i graduated from utrecht school of the arts in 2014.

i like the beauty of pain, and the pain of beauty. recurring themes in my work are unease, sex, longing, nature, identity and the human psyche at its worst.

most of my time is spent backstage; i work at the most beautiful music venue in the world. i am a production manager/stage manager/promoters representative, all fancy words for the person making sure everything goes according to plan and everybody’s happy. it’s the organizational side of rock ‘n roll and i fucking love it. i also work as a stage hand, location manager and do other miscellaneous production work. in summer i’m probably working festivals.

in the remaining time i obsess over complete vocal technique, listen to punk music, play my guitar, practice yoga, go to my weekly dungeons & dragons-session, paint with watercolors and drink as much cola vanilla zero as i possibly can without becoming a shaky mess.

this is my email address: info@romybroeders.nl

it can be used for business inquiries, for asking me along on your tour, for good jokes or just to say hi.